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Effective Jauary 1, 2021, the former CSS Music Academy has become Campbelltown Academy for Music and Arts, under the ownership and direction of Jennifer and Sandy Harris.  

Information pertaining to contact information, lessons,
activities and events may be found on the new website, or at the following link:

                    Campbelltown Academy of Music & Arts




Pennsylvania-Delaware String Teachers Association
Raven and Red
Glenn Eliot's Guitar & Music
Ken Gehret
Molly Rahe-Randall
Mark Wesling

Country String Shop

Robert Kain Violins

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Music Lessons, Events
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Music Lessons, Events & Links   |  Instrument Specials


                                                      2849 Horseshoe Pike (Lower Level), PO Box 499
Campbelltown, PA  17010
                                                                     Phone (717) 838-8732    FAX (717) 838-9206