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             Regale 4/4 violin
    W1 Violmaster 4/4 violin

         1920 Joseph Metzner



Note that all instruments are accessorized with customized
setups in our shop.  Please call us if you are looking for an
instrument other than those listed below -- we can generally
accommodate your needs with a few days notice.

                   ROBERT KAIN EXCLUSIVES:

    CSS19 Violin
    Robert Kain RK187 Violin

    Robert Kain Signature 0116 Violin--SOLD!!
    Robert Kain Artist 3/4 violin



   Amati 100 4/4 violin outfit--SOLD!!
   Pfreutschner 4/4 violin outfit
   CSS Prelude 4/4 violin outfit--SOLD!!
   Regale 4/4 violin outfit
   W1 Violmaster 4/4 violin
   1920 Joseph Metzner 4/4 violin
   Various 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and other small sized violin outfits

   (imported with custom setup, oblong case, bow, & shoulder rest)

   #8543 Nicolaus Amatus 1670 4/4 violin--SOLD!!
   Song Chung da Gamba (10 string violin)
   2012 Gasparo da Salo in Brescia 4/4 violin
   2011 Stradivari 1679 (decorated) 4/4 violin
   #5248 Old Violin House (decorated) 4/4 violin
   #8048 5-string double perfled, decorated back 4/4 violin
   #7855 2010 Ch.J.B.Collin-Mezin--SOLD!!


   Lorenzo Conti 12" viola outfit--SOLD!!
   Eastman 100 14" viola outfit--SOLD!!
   Shen 100 15" viola outfit
   Samuel Eastman 80 15" viola outfit
   Lorenzo Conti 15" viola outfit
   Regale 16" viola outfit


   Franz Hoffmann Prelude 3/4 cello outfit
   Franz Hoffmann Concert 3/4 cello outfit
   Core Academy 4/4 cello outfit
   Core Academy carved 4/4 cello outfit--SOLD!!
   August F. Kohr K565 4/4 cello outfit


   Core Academy A35     August F. Kohr    Core Academy A31


RKain Signature 0116--SOLD!!
                  CSS19 Violin

Robert Kain RK187
    Franz Hoffmann Concert 3/4


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