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The following Robert Kain
  handmade instruments are
  currently available at the
  Country String Shop ...



Alexander Fedoryka endorsed by Robert Kain Violins:
Scythian news release

                                CSS Violins ...
we acquire unfinished instruments,
      perform final carving, varnish and customize to
our own specifications, accessorize and offer
at affordable prices



Robert Kain RK218 Violin
(custom order)

February 2018

Guarneri pattern
Highly flamed back, sides, neck & scroll
Wittner carbon fiber chinrest and fine-tune pegs

Evah Pirazzi strings
Sweet, yet bold and vibrant voice



CSS17 Violin

January 2018

Stradivari pattern
Highly flamed back, sides, neck & scroll
Rosewood accessories

D'Addario Pro Arte strings
Strong, clear voice




Robert Kain Signature 0116 Violin

March 2007

Stradivari pattern
Highly flamed one-piece back, sides,
neck & scroll
Boxwood accessories

Dominant ADG, Pirastro E strings
Strong, pleasing, clear voice

(from the personal collection/estate of
Sir William C. Bela Vitez)


Robert Kain Cello #26
(custom order) -- SOLD!!

December 2017

Stradivari pattern
Flamed back, sides, neck & scroll
Wittner fine-tune carbon fiber pegs

Fine ebony tailpiece and endpin
Larsen A&D, D'addario Helicore G&C strings
Strong, sweet, clear voice


CSS Violin Pricing:

Basic model - $895
includes ebony pegs, Wittner composite tailpiece with built-in fine tuners, D'Addario Pro Arté strings, brazilwood bow, arrow suspension case, shoulder rest and rosin

Upgrades - minimum costs -
add to base price:
matching pegs, tailpiece, endpin, chinrest - $50
Thomastik Dominant strings - $50
choice of bow - $50
oblong suspension case - $100
Wittner fine-tune pegs/ebony tailpiece - $150



Robert Kain Artist 3/4 Violin

Stradivari pattern
Highly flamed
Boxwood pegs, tailpiece & chinrest
Thomastik Dominant strings w/Pirastro E
Sweet yet bold, clear voice



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